Insect flight videos

Dr Adrian Smith has filmed a variety of insects taking off and flying for a captivating video recently posted on YouTube. What is special about his video is that it is recorded at 3,200 frames-per-second.

Layers of brown, grey and black on the slopes of a deep and wide canyon.

Canadian Badlands

Earlier this year I spent a couple of days in Drumheller and the Canadian Badlands as part of a trip around British Columbia and Alberta.

Quaint timber frame buildings surround a river in Petite France. Early evening.

Alsace, France

Alsace is a historical area in eastern France, bordering Switzerland and Germany. The region has alternated between French and German control over the centuries, so a mixture of both cultures is present. The capital of the region is Strasbourg. The area is renown for its …

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Male circus artist performs with flaming baton.

Telford Balloon Fiesta

Earlier this year I visited the Telford Balloon Fiesta 2019. This is the second year the event has run in Telford’s delightful town park. The weekend event takes place during the summer. Balloons are inflated and, weather permitting, released at sunrise and sunset. The highlight …

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Silver and gold head of a dragon from the metal.

British Ironworks Centre

The British Ironworks Centre is a forge and sculpture park with a large showroom containing located in Oswestry in Shropshire. The centre is famous for its ‘safari park’ of metal sculptures and even features gorilla made entirely of spoons! Other creatures on display include a …

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Disney prince and princess gaze at each other longingly in a horse-drawn carriage.

Disneyland Paris photography tips

There seems to be an endless variety of photographic opportunities at Disneyland Paris: huge parade floats, beautifully themed buildings, and of course, the Disney characters. Here’s a few tips to make the most of your visit.

Zoo photography tips

A day at the zoo provides many opportunities to practice different types of photography. It can also present different types of challenges. Here’s a few tips to make the most of a day at the zoo or wildlife centre. Check the zoo’s photography policy Most …

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