New galleries

Since I created this website I’ve never been fully satisfied with the way I have historically organised my photos into galleries. I’ve previously grouped my images into general themes such as “landscapes” and “cityscapes”, and whilst this seems logical, I’ve never felt it was completely successful in a visual sense. Whilst a cloudy mountain panorama and a vibrant beach scene might both be considered landscape photographs, they can be very different in their use of colour and mood. They can be uncomplimentary when positioned side-by-side.

As I grow as a landscape photography I am also learning more about colour and general atmosphere. After some consideration I have reorganised my images on this website into several new collections which are complimentary in mood and tone.


I have named my collection of mountain, river and woodland images Cloudstone in light of these images featuring rocky elements, grey skies and cool tones.


This collection of nautical and sea-themed images has warm tones often captured using long exposures, hence the gallery name Saltwind.


These images contain vibrant colours captured during sunset, sunrise and twilight. As these images are taken when the sun is close to the horizon I have named this gallery Huetide.


The Citylights gallery contains images of cityscapes and urban environments captured at night.

Wide, empty avenue leading up to St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. The buildings are floodlit.


The Monochromes gallery contains black and white photographs.


Finally, a collection of macro insect photographs can be found in the Nature gallery.

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