Photography Simulator announced

It was bound to happen sooner or later! A new PC video game is in development which simulates the joy of being a landscape and nature photographer. Polish game developer Madentic Games are developing ‘Photography Simulator’, a new Steam title which lets you escape to nature, virtually, and capture a variety of computer-generated wildlife images. The game lets you try our a variety of photographic equipment including drones, experiment with camera settings, and capture some beautiful images.

Landscape and wildlife photographers might enjoy seeing how the game compares with the real thing. The game might also interest those who who have difficulty accessing real-life photography, either for financial or physical reasons, or simply because they only have a limited amount of free time available.

Taking virtual photographs inside video games is not something new. Existing titles such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla allow gamers to capture and edit stunning images from within their virtual worlds. Over time computer generated graphics have improved, and resolutions have increased, to the point where it is becoming more difficult to tell virtual images apart from the real thing. Some people now consider virtual photography to be an artform in its own right, although not everyone agrees.

For more information on Photography Simulator check out the product page on Steam or view the trailer below.

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