Telford Balloon Fiesta

Earlier this year I visited the Telford Balloon Fiesta 2019. This is the second year the event has run in Telford’s delightful town park.

The weekend event takes place during the summer. Balloons are inflated and, weather permitting, released at sunrise and sunset. The highlight of the Telford Balloon Fiesta weekend is the ‘night glow’ when the balloons are inflated and illuminated in time to music.

About Telford Town Park

Telford Town Park is a large recreational area and nature reserve located near the town of Telford in Shropshire. The park is considered to be one of the best town parks in the UK. This is largely thanks to the park’s location near the centre of a spacious ‘new town’, allowing much more space for development than usually available.

In 2015, the park was voted “UK’s Best Park” in the inaugural public competition organised by Fields in Trust.

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