The Wonky Files


Occasionally, when I’m taking long exposures, my photography don’t go quite right. Sometimes I accidently knock my tripod. Sometimes the wind or some other environmental factor moves my camera suddenly. And sometimes I just haven’t positioned the camera correctly in the first place. Most of these messed up shots end up being deleted, but sometimes I end up with one I actually quite like. I call these my ‘wonky’ pics, and thought I would share a few of these on my blog.

This shot was taken in London facing away from Tower Bridge. The shot was supposed to have symmetry and show only streaks of lights and buildings. The camera was fired accidently before being ready, and I ended up with this shot.

This shot was taken at the Louvre Museum in Paris. I had pressed the shutter release before realising the camera wasn’t completely centred. I moved the camera before the image had finished taking and this is the result.

This shot of Caernarfon Castle was taken late at night when I was tired. The boats kept moving on the water which was blurring my images. I was being impatient and this is one of the shots I ended up with.