I first started taking photographs in 2016 after being asked to take a few shots for a creative project I was working on.

I have always appreciated the art of photography, but this was the first time I’d had a go at taking some serious pictures myself. It made me realise how much I enjoyed the process of capturing images and processing them digitally. It was also great to see my images used in a finished project. I was inspired to take up photography as a hobby and quickly bought my first camera. Since then my interest in taking pictures has grown.

Landscape photography is now my main area of interest. It encourages me to get out and explore, and to see the world in a new light. It motivates me to get up early in the morning and enjoy sunrises when most people are still fast asleep in bed. It inspires me to visit new places, or revisit familiar locations at unfamiliar times of the day.

I’ve created this website to show some of my favourite images captured over the past few years. I’m also sharing a few photographic tips I’ve learned along the way.

Thank you for your interest in my photographs, and please feel free to get in touch.


Some icons used in the gallery pages of this website are adapted from designs by Kiran Shastry from the Noun Project.