My favourite YouTube photography channels

YouTube is an amazing resource for photographers wishing to advance their skills or learn new techniques. There are beginner videos explaining the basics of composition, advanced videos helping seasoned pros perfect their editing, and everything in between. I also find vloggers’ videos useful in giving me a little bit of inspiration and motivation to try new photography projects.

I thought I would share details about three of my favourite YouTube vloggers. I recommend taking a look through their growing collections of videos. Hopefully you might find something useful, inspiring or entertaining.

Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon is a Canadian photographer, videographer, YouTube creative, and coffee drinker. His stylish videos cover many topics including Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe Lightroom. He is probably one of the most popular photographers on YouTube, and his channel is definitely worth checking out.

Henry Turner

Henry Turner’s channel offers a growing collection of videos detailing his adventures and pursuits in landscape photography in northern England and beyond. I stumbled upon Henry’s videos quite recently, and found them to be useful, motivational and entertaining.

Mark Denney

Mark Denney is one of my favourite YouTube vloggers. Mark talks openly about how photography has helped him overcome some of his struggles with anxiety. His videos are entertaining and inspirational and offer plenty of tips and advice. Check out his YouTube channel.

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